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Dance Teacher

Heather Rianne is a Classically Trained Dance Teacher With Private Lessons Available.

Professional dancers are a rare breed. Not only do they have the ability to memorize exhausting dance routines, but they have the temerity to showcase them in front of a crowd. In order to instill that same confidence within yourself, you should consider pursuing the assistance of a trained dance teacher.


As you explore the different forms of dance, you'll eventually find one that clicks with you. When that time comes, the assistance of a professional dance teacher will not only become beneficial, it will become vital. Heather Rianne is a classically trained dancer with an expertise in all manners of dance genre, from acrobatics and hip-hop to pointe and ballet. With that wealth of knowledge to draw upon, Rianne is able to perfect the form of her students in an environment that is brimming with acceptance and creativity.

If you are considering hiring a dance teacher, book your lesson today!

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