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Jazz Choreography

Take the Pain Out of Jazz Choreography With Professional Lessons.

Learning how to dance is hard, much less learning how to dance to jazz. Dance is a tremendous art form that can be continuously improved upon throughout your life. If you want to become the Jazz dancing professional that you've always dreamed about, you should consider pursuing jazz choreography lessons. Where can you go for the best lessons in all of Midlothian, Virginia?


Heather Rianne is an accomplished and decorated dance instructor who has been working in the industry for years. After pursuing her education at the VCU School of the Arts, Rianne began to offer personal jazz choreography lessons to those seeking to improve upon their skills. Whether you are looking to start at the beginning of jazz choreography or you simply need help conditioning your newest routine, Rianne will be there by your side.


Jazz choreography lessons with Heather Rianne start off in 30-minute blogs for private training. Inquire for further details by visiting her website, today.

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