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Personal Training

Affordable Personal Training Can Make Learning to Dance Simple.

Great dancers are not born, they are cultivated. The world of professional dancing is filled with people who took the time to learn the ins and outs of their skills. Through hard work and sheer determination, many of these dancers can find their way to the highest of heights. For most of us, however, we need to turn to personal training in order to reach our potential.


If you are an aspiring dancer in Midlothian, Virginia, you owe it to yourself to call upon the services of Heather Rianne. A dance since childhood, Heather offers extensive private training lessons in all genres of dance. From pointe and ballet to acro and hip-hop, she knows how to do it all.


Heather Rianne is a celebrated professional dancer with appearances on MTV, in Hollywood films, and on television. She attended VCU School of the Arts where she honed her skills. Contact her today to inquire about her private training lessons.

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